OSAH training Maryland

Reasons To Get Started With Secure Waste - OSHA WasteTrainer

  • No more paying for extra trainings when clients need additional training tokens, credits or views
  • Simple to use platform that allows for easy viewing of courses, management of users and creation of acounts
  • Customized with your company logo inside the system and on the certificates of completion so integration is seemless
  • Fully whiteboxed with custom embed code to make the login on your company webpage

7 Included Courses to Offer your Clients

Courses Include:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens(CA and Federal)
  • Hazard Communication GHS Standard
  • Fire Safety and Prevention
  • DOT Training
  • Personal Protective Equiptment
  • Waste Handling

A simple, easy to use online learning platform offered by Secure Waste for all Health-Care Providers...

We eliminate unneeded information in order to streamline our training process for you!

Secure Waste focuses on delivering e-learning content and learning management services that are specific to medical professionals to train their employees in topics specific to the medical industry. When learning about regulatory compliance, it is important that employees are taught in a method that communicates real life scenarios and gives examples that those employees will find day-to-day within their

With Secure Waste OSHA Med-Trainer, the features are always improving, the Secure Waste OSHA online Med-Trainer is the only learning management system available to offer true flat rate pricing for unlimited access to training for all your staff.


Call us today at 877-633-7328 to get yourself in compliance 

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