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Healthcare Waste Management Serviced

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste is an unavoidable part of all aspects of healthcare and other industries. Secure Waste specializes in comprehensive and compliant healthcare waste management, offering biohazardous, sharps, pathological, and pharmaceutical waste disposal services to help keep operations running smoothly and up to all national and local codes.

Hospitals and Surgery Centers

Emergency medical centers, surgical facilities, and pathology labs are a short list of the significant producers of biohazard, pharmaceutical, and medical waste. Daily operations require the use of needles, sharp objects, IV bags, medicine, PPE, and other potentially hazardous materials that quickly accumulate. According to Practice Greenhealth, hospitals alone are responsible for producing upwards of 5 million tons of hazardous and non-hazardous medical waste each year.

Cancer Treatment Centers

A comprehensive medical waste management plan is the first step to reducing annual disposal costs. Secure Waste works with all healthcare facilities to develop an individualized plan that factors in waste production, budgetary constraints, and the type of medical practice. From chemotherapeutic to pathological waste, our staff is trained to deliver compliant and efficient disposal services.

Physicians, OB-GYN, and Dentist Offices

Adhering to EPA and DOT regulations, Secure Waste can create a waste management solution that encompasses all forms of medical waste. We’ll ensure that your facility is equipped with the necessary containers and approved bags for the disposal of sharps and needles and has an actionable plan to reduce the production of medical waste. No matter the size of the practice, we’re committed to developing comprehensive waste removal plans.

And So Much More…

Biohazardous waste isn’t just reserved for healthcare facilities and medical practices. Secure Waste expands its services to remove needle and biohazard waste from tattoo parlors and hazardous wastes from funeral parlors and mortuaries. Wherever hazardous waste may be produced, Secure Waste will offer its outstanding waste-removal services. This can even include universities, government offices, acupuncturists, spas, and massage parlors.  

Secure Waste professionals are available to educate healthcare professionals and industry workers to mitigate future disposal costs and create a comprehensive waste management plan.


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