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As your regulated medical waste management company, we find it important not just to be your partner. We are someone you can count on who also champions environmental conservation and innovation.

At Secure Waste, we are the local specialist and a partner managing your end-to-end medical and biohazard waste disposal. Included but not limited to pharmaceutical, sharps container management and disposal, Chemotherapeutic even pathological wastes. Secure Waste provides you with the dramatic shift you have been seeking from traditional biohazardous waste management companies. We provide you with a true no-contract disposal service, no hidden fees, and schedules that work for you. It’s easy, contact our team members today & we can show you why we are the leader in Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.

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Secure Waste Provides You With Unparalleled Services

We are the Physicians’ choice and local authority in Maryland, Virginia, and Washing D.C., for biohazard waste management. Secure Waste is a company with comprehensive end-to-end capabilities and a proven track record, providing safe and cost-effective (Cradle-to-Grave) management of regulated waste with no contract required. We have waste solutions for a variety of healthcare providers from doctors, dentists, surgery centers, long term health care just to name a few. For more information, please review our specific waste-handling services below.

Health Care Industries Serviced

As a full-service provider of regulated medical waste services, Secure Waste provides management and treatment for medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste in healthcare facilities.
We focus on small and mid-size generators delivering regulatory compliance with affordable rates all with no contracts required. Some facilities included are- • Urgent Care • Dental Office • Doctor’s Office • Funeral Homes • Pharmaceuticals • Tattoo Facilities

Pathological & Chemotherapeutic Waste Disposal

Pathological waste or Path waste for short such as any human or animal body parts, organs, tissues, & surgical specimens (decanted of formaldehyde, formalin, or other preservatives) must be packaged separately for pickup in containers marked for incineration only.
The same goes for Chemotherapeutic waste. We can help your Healthcare facility safely segregate, package, and dispose of pathological and Chemo waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Secure Waste is committed to assisting our customers with all of their hazardous and non-hazardous disposal needs. We understand many businesses have a difficult time identifying hazardous chemicals that have special disposal requirements.
That’s why we offer the best waste disposal service as well as educating our clients on proper storage and disposal methods. Contact us today for information on hazardous waste management and disposal services.

Pharmaceutical Waste Management

In today’s World Pharmaceutical waste management staff have a duty legally to ensure all pharmaceutical waste your business produces is managed, stored, and disposed of properly and safely. Improper storage and disposal of pharmaceutical waste can harm the environment, humans & animals.
Your duty of care means you could face legal action if your pharmaceutical waste management fails to follow all the regulations. Arrange safe and legal disposal with Secure Waste. We can provide your company with pharmaceutical waste containers and bins to ensure your waste is safely collected and disposed of to keep you compliant.

Regulated Medical Waste Disposal

Medical biohazard waste is generated from procedures including all items saturated with human blood or other potentially infectious materials, such as bandages, gauze, or PPE, are also considered infectious RMW or red bag waste.
They should be disposed of safely in properly marked medical waste disposal containers. Regulated medical waste disposal is the backbone of what we do, Secure Waste has been providing medical waste disposal services for 25 years. We are the “Doctor’s Choice” for Regulated waste management in the Washington D.C. Metro Area

Sharps Needle Management

Secure Waste is the local industry leader for comprehensive sharps management. We are a provider of innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly biohazard sharps needle waste disposal services.
Our sharps program was developed specifically to meet the needs of small-scale users such as doctors’ offices, clinics, and mid-size urgent care facilities and Bio-Tech laboratories. Some of our services include are • Sharps Needle Disposal • Sharps container sales • Pharmaceutical containers • Chemotherapeutic containers

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