Do you want to save money?

Maybe you are starting a new practice congratulations. Or having service issues with your current disposal company. No worries we can help you! Hi, we are Secure Waste, and we are a different kind of medical waste management company – determined to become a successful partner with you in Roubaix.

As your regulated medical waste management company, we find it important not just to be your partner. We are someone you can count on who also champions environmental conservation and innovation.
At Secure Waste, we are the local specialist and a partner managing your end-to-end medical and biohazard waste disposal. Included but not limited to pharmaceutical, sharps container management and disposal, Chemotherapeutic even pathological wastes. Secure Waste provides you with the dramatic shift you have been seeking from traditional biohazardous waste management companies. We provide you with a true no-contract disposal service, no hidden fees, and schedules that work for you. It’s easy, contact our team members today & we can easily show you why we are the leader in Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.