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Hello & thank you for reaching out to Secure Waste! If you do not read anything else, please remember these 4 things as you look for quotes...

  • 1- We have NO Contracts that lock you in!
  • 2- We have NO sign up fees
  • 3- We have NO monthly or hidden fees
  • 4- We are here to SAVE you money & offer you a compliant flexible service all the while not playing games with your time, because your time is valuable!

The  "Not So Nice, Little Secrets"  Of Medical Waste Disposal
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Free Expert Tips From An Industry Insider

Thank you for reaching out to Secure Waste and we are excited to work with you.  We are experts in our industry & below is some insider information to make you an expert too.

You wouldn't have reached out unless you are considering maybe, changing your disposal service company or lower your disposal costs & save money.  Maybe you are starting a new practice, congratulations if you are.  Let us show you how we can help.

Time for some Biohazard Disposal 101 - Let's Go!

These few tips alone will bring you some transparency to an industry that is sometimes not so transparent. 

13 Minutes could be a "Game Changer"

  • Contracts - Probably the most argumentative practice is long term contracts. Not just any contract but a special contract used to lock-in customers, seemingly forever. These contracts developed by the larger service providers are so one-sided, they find themselves in court across multiple States all the time.  12, 24 sometimes even 60 months with hidden automatic renewal and any time price increases for you the consumer.  Great News - Secure Waste does not have any contracts!  This is a huge issue for most healthcare providers, we are out on contracts for any length of time - Looking for a Contract Free Service? You have arrived...
  • Waste-Broker - Sub work and the use of sub-contractors for disposal.  We are a true Full-Service Regulated Waste Management Company.  Secure Waste has its own permitted trucks, drivers and are licensed, bonded and insured across several States on the East coast.

    In todays crazy & sometimes not very transparent regulated medical waste market, there are a handful of waste-brokers marketing waste disposal service across the country.  These brokers act as if they are personally working in your neighborhood.  Waste-broker you ask?  Yes, someone who is not even in the area selling services and sub-contracting your waste disposal to the lowest bidder - And the actual work is done by whom? And who is really permitted in this scenario?

    This practice of using sub-contractors can be very complicated and less transparent for you.  Often times a situation may arise that opens the door for liability issues with your healthcare practice. This liability exposure could lead to a bad experience for the (Waste Generator) that's you.  The waste generator is responsible for his or her own waste from "Cradle to Grave" Do you really want some broker from who knows where, handling this very important environmental service for you?

  • Sign up, monthly & hidden fees. First - We do not have any sign up fees or monthly fees, for that matter we have no hidden fees at all.  For us this seems strange & counter productive for saving you money.  Example: Let's say you sign up today with a new disposal service provider - But the new company wants to "charge you" to sign up, for what?  Handling a few documents and entering your information into the computer.

    Secondly - We have seen some companies charge a set-up fee, like to drop off the medical waste supplies.  Secure Waste will drop off your waste disposal supplies the next time we are in your area, for free - That's our job.  If you need those supplies right away - We will FedEx them to your front door, no extra charge for that either -  Secure Waste has you covered.
  • Insurance, permits, licensing - Secure Waste provides all insurance and permitting information up front to our customers, this information is included with our application packet for you to review.

    Are you aware of the insurance(s) required?  Let us start with the basics - General Liability, Vehicle Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance.  In addition Secure Waste carries Environmental Pollution Insurance, this is used when transporting potentially environmentally harmful stuff like "Biohazard Waste"

    We are also Bonded - Most States will require a Biohazard Transporter to be Bonded.  This is a "Exposure Bond" to protect the State and any Environmental clean up, just in case an incident was to ever occur.  These coverages are important for you when choosing a disposal company.  Most providers in our industry who are serious about protecting your practice and the environment will have these basic coverages, but not necessarily all companies will.  Don't worry Secure Waste carries this level of coverage and is willing to share it with you.

    Permits to transport Biohazard Waste Well this goes without saying right, but does it? - Why, because someone tells you they have the proper permits and licensed to handle your waste?  Not so fast, you would be surprised to learn that some Healthcare practices will just turn over their hazardous waste to anyone, with no vetting process at all.

    All the while this particular transporter is not permitted to do the specific work.  Or their permit has been suspended even worse maybe canceled.  Biohazard waste transporters are licensed at the State level. And Secure Waste is permitted in several States; also like our insurance we provide this information to our clients.  Not just can we handle Regulated Biohazard Waste in several States but can transport regulated medical waste across multiple State lines on the East coast.

    Remember the “Waste Generator” that’s you are responsible for your medical waste from “Cradle To Grave”.  If you turn over your waste to someone who is not permitted to handle that specific waste stream you are still responsible. 
  • In Closing - Working with any new company the sales team should take the time and explain their services and information about their company.  Additionally the sales team should easily be able to demonstrate and outline all positive reasons why to use services provider by them.  

    Another consideration is timeliness, if you reach out for a quote or information. How quickly do they get back with you? 24 hours seems to be a reasonable time.  But anything over this say 48 hours maybe 72 hours - Is this a sign of future services?  What happens when you have an emergency or other issues like a billing question, maybe you need supplies? - Are you going to have to wait two or three days to hear back. Communication is paramount and it should be fluid and effortless with all of your vendors.

Our only priority & focus is on you.  Offering our customers an affordable but environmentally compliant service. A service that reduces your overall disposal exposure and saves you money! 

Congratulations you did great! We hope you found these tips helpful & as you look for a waste disposal company.  Remember - Now you too are an insider - Ready to make an informed decision.  

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